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Writing, music and a love for the classics

Petulant Power 

I was born a Petulant Puppy- one who explores everything, digging and grabbing and dragging everything I can find into my box.


Along the way I learned that it takes maturity to turn the new into useful- discovering analysis (truth), advocacy (loving well) and process (how to behave).


So I ask lots of questions and look for lots of answers, including:


  • Why has customer service failed so completely?

  • Why do we forget our history and repeat the horrible stuff?

  • Why can’t the far left and far right meet in the middle to get things done?

  • Why don’t we love our neighbor as ourselves?

  • Why are the fundamentals of music being lost?


I address these issues as a:

  • Writer, Musician and Music Teacher

  • Business Analyst, Product Manager and Customer Advocate

  • Guitar Electronics Designer, Recording Engineer, AV Post Producer and Composer

  • Aviation Aficionado, History Geek and Science Nut


So contact me when you’re ready to explore out-of-the box, to build impactful solutions and to tell the world what you’re up to.

Creating stories that others never imagine and the user experience you dream about

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  • Product Manager/Business Analyst- Researching requirements, optimizing offerings and generating measurable results

  • Voice of the Customer- Strategically collaborating across the organization to prioritize customer requirements, positioning and messages that speak to those audiences

  • Evangelist- Increasing mindshare and visibility with cross-channel content and interaction with partners, customers, prospects and thought leaders

  • Collaborative, cross-functional bridge builder- Developing strong relationships supporting sales, customers, marketing, operations, management and partners

  • Consulting Experience- Results-oriented leadership, creative, innovative, fast, under-budget and always “curious, motivated and self-directed”

  • Author- Turning “out of the box” into solid content including business, copy, fiction, shorts, satire, novels


Micro Technology Unlimited

Director of Marketing



Marketing/Product/Business Analyst


Blue Cross

Strategist and Business Analyst


Global Knowledge

Product Marketing 



Sales Management

Crawford Risk Management

Risk Manager


Impromptu Productions

AV post producer, composer, writer, owner


Lighthouse Marketing and Business Solutions

Chief Customer Officer, owner


The Guitar You Dream About

Analysis, Design, Implementation, owner



Bachelor of Science, Business Administration and Marketing

Elon University, Elon NC

Computer Science concentration, Music minor


  • Strategic Selling, Pragmatic Marketing, Thought Leader Management, Crisis and Risk Management

  • SAS Foundational Tools, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Solutions

  • Cloud Essentials, Virtual Machine, and ITIL Foundations V3 certification

  • Google Ad Partner

  • Data Science Tool Kit- John Hopkins

  • OpenDataSoft- ETL, data management, analytics and publishing

  • Proficient with MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint)

  • Watson Fundamentals

  • Salesforce- Administration and Business- Over 50 badges and 40k points



Phone ‪(919) 278-7176‬


  • LinkedIn

Michael Stierhoff is a writer, business analyst and musician focused on discovering truth that helps everyone grow

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